Kidus Asfaw

Kidus Asfaw CEO and Co-Founder of Kubik

Kidus Asfaw is the co-founder and CEO of Kubik – an environmental tech company turning hard-to-recycle plastic waste into low-carbon, low-cost building materials. Kubik’s mission is to build dignity through clean and affordable living for all – a vision that gave it the honor of Global Startup of the Year in 2023. Previously, Kidus led technology and innovation initiatives for UNICEF. As the organization’s first global product manager, he spearheaded UNICEF’s open source projects, with over 40 country deployments to support some of the largest and most critical work to improve the lives of children. Kidus has also worked for the World Bank, Accenture, and Google. He has an MPA from Princeton University, and studied Biomedical Engineering from Duke University. He lives in Nairobi.