Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

TKF Terms and conditions for the annual forums.

1. Cancellation and Refunds

Should a participant no longer be able to attend TKF for any reason, cancellation refunds will be made ONLY on requests received in writing on or before one calendar month before the commencement of the relevant Forum.
In the unlikely event that a TKF forum needs to be canceled, participants having already paid for a ticket to the relevant forum in full shall be given the option to either: (i) transfer their ticket to the rescheduled forum date; (ii) transfer their ticket to next year’s forum, provided that the focus topic remains the same for that year; or request a refund in writing.
Refunds processed via PayPal will be subject to Paypal’s online money transfer fees.
For the avoidance of doubt, the tickets are personal to the named participant and can not be transferred to another person, within their organisation or otherwise, without TKF’s prior written consent.
The Forum programmes and speaker lineups are subject to change and therefore TKF cannot extend refunds on cancellations requested due to programme or lineup changes.

2. Travel Insurance

For additional protection, we encourage participants to purchase travel, medical, and/or trip cancellation insurance. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of Forum cancellation, TKF will not be liable for any costs incurred by the participant including, but not limited to, travel and/or accommodation costs.

3. COVID-19 Policy

TKF will comply with all relevant Swiss government COVID-19 guidelines in place at the time of the forum and reserves the right to implement additional, or adjust existing, health and safety measures as necessary.

In registering for a TKF forum, Participants agree:

(i) not to travel to or attend a TKF forum if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. TKF reserves the right to send home any Participant or TKF Team member who tests positive for COVID-19 during a Forum; and
(ii) Comply with Swiss Government COVID-19 guidelines in place at the time of the Forum with regards to public behaviour around COVID-19.

4. Travel

TKF encourages participants to check both: (i) entry restrictions into Switzerland; and (ii) their own country’s travel guidelines before they travel. In addition, Swiss public health guidelines relating to COVID-19 can be found here.

8. Changes To These Terms and Conditions

TKF reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. All such changes will take effect once they have been posted on TKFs website and you will be deemed to have accepted any such changes by your use of the website after such time.

About TKF
How did The Klosters Forum (TKF) evolve?

TKF was conceived as a complement to large conferences and fleeting panel discussions where energetic and dynamic debates take place, business cards get exchanged and ideas discussed, but due to the limited time and often large number of participants, many of these ideas and connections can’t develop.

TKF was launched in 2017 by a small group of international female professionals who identified the need to not only hold panel discussions but to give experts the time and space to harness the energy, dynamism and expertise produced from these panel discussions into forming effective tangible collaborations and solutions to important environmental issues.

In order to connect as professionals, people also need to connect as individuals. That’s why we keep the Forum small and personal.

Why does the Forum take place in Klosters?

Klosters, a small village in the heart of the Swiss Alps, gives visitors the time and space to reflect on the challenges they face within the natural beauty of the mountains. It is therefore the ideal setting for global decision makers to convene in order to remind them of the need to work together to find effective solutions to preserve our world.

Klosters is accessible by train, bus or car. The nearest commercial airport with scheduled airline service is Zurich Airport. Klosters can be reached within 2h from Zurich.

How is TKF structured?

TKF is structured around small focused working groups, which aim to discuss specific issues within the overarching environmental challenge that we tackle. Alongside these working groups, Participants will have the opportunity to attend a number of panel discussions, talks, intimate lunches and dinners. This allows the Participants the opportunity to get to know one another and exchange ideas with a view to cultivating tangible and workable partnerships.

What style of participation is expected of the attendees?

The TKF ethos is that our Forum is a level playing field with no one Participant elevated over another. For this reason, Participants are expected to join small working groups, which will identify a framework of solutions and will be willing to commit to implement solutions. Participants will also be expected to join lunches and dinners during which they will continue to discuss obstacles and pathways to solutions.

Where relevant, some Participants may be invited to speak on the Panel discussions.

All Participants are expected to attend the entire duration of the Forum, i.e. 2.5 days and are welcome to stay longer to enjoy the Swiss Alps.

Where can I find a TKF Agenda?

The Agenda will be sent to all Participants approximately 2 weeks before TKF, however should you require an agenda before this time please email office@theklostersforum.com

How are the TKF topics chosen?

The Planetary Boundaries concept (Rockström, Johan; et al. 2009) identifies nine global priorities relating to human-induced changes to the environment. The science shows that these nine processes and systems regulate the stability and resilience of the Earth System — the interactions of land, ocean, atmosphere and life that together provide conditions upon which our societies depend. The Klosters Forum focuses on these nine priorities, taking a deep dive into issues which are directly related to them. By doing this TKF opens minds and drives forward the potential for humanity to thrive within these boundaries.

As a neutral environmental platform we shift the main TKF topic focus biennially, however we continue to run deep dive sessions for existing topics.

Considered topics must be:
·      On a specific environmental issues;
·      Urgent and inadequately discussed / addressed;
·      Actionable; and
·      Relevant to Everybody, Every Day.

Does TKF have any follow up procedure?

The Klosters Forum does not play a part in scaling, implementing or evaluating solutions. However, TKF does follow, monitor and report projects implemented and scaled following the summer Forum and supports ongoing conversations wherever possible.

Is TKF focused on a geographic area?

No, TKF does not focus on a single geographic area.

Application Process to TKF
How do I get an invitation to the Forum?

Attendance to TKF is by invitation only. Due to high demand and limited space availability we kindly ask that you consider the application requirements, which can be found HERE.

What criteria is used to select participants and how do I apply?

TKF is an invitation only event. Participants invited include experts and players along the entire food value chain and must be identifiable as a key part of the problem / or a solution. Due to high demand and limited space availability, we kindly ask you to consider the TKF Participation Criteria before applying, which can be found HERE.

Invitees are invited to apply to attend TKF HERE.

In order to keep the balance and proportionate representation of Participants, the numbers in each category will be capped.

Applicants who are unsuccessful will be invited to join as TKF Friends.

How many people are expected to participate in the Forum?

We limit this event to 70 TKF Participants.

In addition, TKF Friends and Patrons are invited to attend the Forum but do not take part in the focused working groups which are reserved for the TFK Participants.

Who are TKF Patrons and TKF Friends?

TKF Patrons and Friends form a community of supporters who play a key role in advancing the mission and vision of The Klosters Forum.

TKF Patrons and Friends aren’t experts in the topic we tackle, but are individuals interested to learn from and engage with the experts.

For more information about TKF Patrons and Friends, click HERE.

TKF Logistics
How much does it cost to attend?

The registration fee differs. The different fees can be found HERE. The registration fee includes all workshops, panel discussions and activities put on by TKF, including lunches and dinners, during the Forum.

Please note that the registration fee does not include travel or accommodation. Details of suggested hotels and travel can be found HERE.

Is there a dress code?

There is no strict dress code for TKF, however when packing please bear in mind that the weather in Klosters in June can be changeable and that the Forum takes place in the mountains, in a variety of venues (including a farm) and that voluntary alpine hikes to the venues are included within the agenda.

Click HERE for the local weather report.

If I am traveling with a friend or family member, can they participate too?

TFK is an invitation only event. Due to our strict application policy and limited space, personal guests are not permitted to attend TKF.
However, should you be traveling with a friend or family member please contact office@theklostersforum.com to discuss whether we can accommodate them in any of the after-hours events. Please note that this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I suggest someone to take my place at the Forum?

While the invitation is specific to each person, we review transfer requests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact office@theklostersforum.com for further information.

Is the Forum experience accessible for people with disabilities?

Should you require additional assistance, please contact stephanie@theklostersforum.com to discuss your individual needs.

What is TKF's cancellation policy?

Cancellation refunds will be made on requests received on or before one calendar month before the commencement of the Forum. Refunds processed via PayPal will be subject to Paypal’s online money transfer fees.

How can I get updated about TKF before, during, and after the event?

Social media: engage with our online community by following @TheKlostersForum on Facebook and Instagram. You can also join the conversation using #TKF.

TKF Talks: are open to the public, taking place throughout the year and around the globe. Information on upcoming talks can be found on the TKF website HERE.

TKF Fellows App: has been developed exclusively for former and future TKF Participants, in order to provide them with a digital platform for the ever-growing community of expert thought-leaders (“TKF Fellows”). The TKF Fellows App helps TKF Fellows to promote, share and learn about ideas, projects, events, research or other relevant information, as well as serving as a tool with which to connect directly with other TKF Fellows.TKF Participants can access the TKF Fellows App for iOS Appor for Android App.

TKF Podcasts: In order to share the knowledge and expertise of our Participants with those who cannot join us in Klosters we have launched a Podcast Series, which can be found on the TKF website HERE.

What is our Code of Conduct?

Please find here our the TKF Code of Conduct.

What are the TKF Rules of the Road?

TKF is committed to ensuring that the TKF Rules of the Road are complied with throughout the Forum.

Don’t over promise & under deliver
Bring your knowledge and experience but leave your prejudices behind
Listen carefully to what others have to say
Disagree with ideas, not with individuals
Make room for everyone to speak
Keep comments brief and to the point
Stay focused

The Chatham House Rule applies:participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Filming at TKF

The Chatham House Rule applies to TKF Workshops: we will not film workshop discussions and we would ask Participants to refrain from doing so.
We do film Panel Discussions in Klosters, do the Chatham House Rule does not apply to Panel Discussions, unless we notify you otherwise. Q&A Sessions following Panel Discussions are not recorded and we would ask that The Chatham House Rule applies for the Q&A Sessions and that Participants refrain from recording this part of the discussion.

Donations to The Klosters Forum

Please note, TKF is a member of the Transnational Giving Europe Network, should you wish to donate to TKF and make your giving more tax efficient, please contact the TGE.

For any additional questions, who can I contact?

For any additional questions, please contact office@theklostersforum.com