New Means of Resilience: How Can Cities Rise to Emerging Ecological Challenges?

TKF24 and TKF25 are dedicated to exploring urban environmental challenges, including heat islands, flooding, and sea level rise.

25-27 JUNE 2024

About our Annual Forum

Our annual forum gathers 80 experts for 2.5 days in the Swiss Alps to tackle a specific environmental challenge in an intimate, safe, and unique environment.

Acknowledging the complexity of systemic change, TKF aims to bring together global stakeholders from all sectors, including leading business frontrunners, innovators, policy makers, NGOs, conservationists, investors and creative minds, to highlight the interdependence of the issues at stake and to encourage cross-pollination of information, ideas and projects.

Our workshops and discussions take place in a beautiful chalet on the Madrisa mountain. Due to the relatively small nature of the forum, the community develops a sense of kinship during workshops, dinners, and alpine activities creating an ideal environment to foster connections and effective relationships needed to find collaborative solutions for urgent environmental challenges.

June 25-27th, 2024, Klosters, Switzerland
By invitation only.

Day 01

  • Guided mountain hike for early arrivals
  • Registration
  • Warm Data Lab
  • TKF Welcome and Opening Speakers
  • Privately hosted Dinner

Day 02

  • Morning Meditation and/or Morning Walk
  • Workshop
  • Panel Discussion
  • Lunch
  • Workshop
  • Horse Carriage Ride with Apéritif
  • Dinner (allocated seating)

Day 03

  • Morning Meditation and/or Morning Walk / Guided Run
  • Needs and Leads
  • Workshops
  • Panel Discussion
  • Lunch
  • Learning from Nature Workshops
  • Closing Drinks on the Mountain
  • Closing Dinner
Travel and Logistics

The Focus on Urban Resilience at TKF24

Cities are vibrant hubs of diverse, multicultural communities, constantly interacting with their environment. For a long time, they have contributed to, and also suffered from, ecological challenges. As cities expand in size and complexity, and as climate change intensifies, new, unprecedented, and compounding challenges emerge. These include the urban heat island effect, increased rainfall and flooding, and the rising sea levels.

To navigate, and thrive amidst, these escalating challenges, cities must forge integrative resilience approaches that surpass traditional adaptability methods. At TKF24 we will hold the space for mutual learning by providing a platform that allows our community to delve deep into potential strategies and synergies. By fostering cross-sector discussions and collaborations, we aim to help our community develop innovative methods, practical solutions, and unconventional approaches to systemically tackle these rising urban ecological challenges. This may encompass a spectrum from nature-based and community-driven solutions to policy, technological, financial, and creative strategies—all with the end goal of facilitating a just and regenerative urban transformation.

Meet our Partner

As a small impact-driven non-profit organisation, we highly value our partnerships with Pictet Group who support us on our mission.

We are truly grateful to be supported by these this honourable organisation.

“Real estate asset owners have a key role to play. The property industry is the largest CO2 emitter. By making buildings more sustainable, we can help the environment by contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation. At the same time, it is a way to add value to investments. Our partnership with The Klosters Forum aims to share knowledge by participating in open conversations and seeking solutions together on the future of the built environment.”

Zsolt Kohalmi Global Head of Real Estate and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Pictet Alternative Advisors