The Power of Collaboration.
For the Environment.
For a Better Future.

The Klosters Forum is where visionary thought leaders and change-makers convene to address some of the most critical environmental challenges of our era. We offer the soil for our community of experts to foster and encourage innovative and outcome orientated collaborations.

TKF Ecosystem

Annual Forum

TKF’s annual forum brings together a group of subject matter experts to tackle a specific environmental issue (see TKF Topics). Over 2.5 days, TKF’s unique and intimate environment serves as a safe space for our expert community to hold honest conversations, form deep connections, engage in out of the box thinking and offers a chance for participants to brainstorm new projects and exciting ways of collaborating together.
The annual forum is by invitation only and is capped at 80 participants.
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TKF Topics

As a neutral Forum, we change our focus topic biannually. We choose our forum topics based on their significance as urgent environmental challenges, necessitating a systemic change. Topics of our annual forums, namely Plastic Pollution, Biodiversity Regeneration & Food Systems, and the Built Environment, are examples of such critical topics that demand immediate attention and cross-sector solutions and collaborations.
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TKF Talk Series

Across multiple cities in Europe, we collaborate with distinguished subject matter experts to create informative panel discussions, aiming to inspire, educate, and motivate our audience to take action towards promoting positive environmental change. The TKF Talk Series is open to the public and curated for the wider TKF community.
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TKF Content

Via our TKF Podcasts, videos and social media channels, we aim to disseminate inspiring and educational content to a global online audience in order to increase the awareness of the environmental issues at stake in relation to the TKF Topics.
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TKF Testimonials

"Great atmosphere, fantastic place, great insights and a family feel. So different to any other summit!"

Vincent Doumeizel, Senior Advisor United Nations Global Compact

"The Klosters Forum was a tonic of humanity, nature, beauty and inspiration, just when and where it was most needed!"

Scott Francisco, Co-Founder, Cities4Forests

"The Klosters Forum was an incredible gathering of brilliant thinkers who are putting ideas into action. The shared vision among the attendees for a built environment that is regenerative was energising."

Amanda Sturgeon, CEO at Built by Nature

"I have seldom met such a wide range of stakeholders from the construction sector sharing the same understanding on the emergency of the situation and the need to act for implementation of positive transformation of the planet and society."

Prof. Guillaume Habert, Professor for Sustainable construction at ETH

"TKF helps me to get out of my comfort zone, invites me to challenge my beliefs and inspires me in many different ways. It’s an unusual and special event. "

Jane Muncke, MD and Chief Scientific Officer of Food Packaging Forum

"Rarely have I had so many searching, spirited and stimulating conversations in such a short period of time. I left Klosters on a wave of energy, ideas and optimism."

Russell Galt, Head of Urban Alliance at IUCN