The Klosters Forum

We live in a world threatened by enormous environmental challenges.

The most powerful force we have with which to protect our natural habitat is our ability to work together.

The Klosters Forum is the place where global thought-leaders and change-makers come together to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. We offer the soil for our community of experts to foster and encourage innovative and outcome orientated collaborations in a unique and intimate setting in the Swiss Alps.

As a neutral environmental platform, we shift the main Forum’s topic focus biennially. However, to ensure that we maximise our impact and relevance we continue to convene and support the TKF community working on existing topics, running deep dive sessions and panel discussions throughout the year and around the globe.

The Klosters Forum is an exciting catalyst for high-level collaborations to save the environment.
Matt Mulrennan, Director, XPRIZE
Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate positive environmental change by providing a neutral platform that brings together disruptive and inspirational minds to tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

By convening and connecting relevant, impactful and committed participants we aim to raise awareness of each chosen environmental issue whilst inspiring and encouraging participants to form effective collaborations and create solutions together.

Topic Choice

Planetary Boundaries

The Planetary Boundaries concept (Johan Rockström/2009) identifies nine global priorities relating to human-induced changes to the environment. The science shows that these nine processes and systems regulate the stability and resilience of the Earth System — the interactions of land, ocean, atmosphere and life that together provide conditions upon which our societies depend. The Klosters Forum focuses on these nine priorities, taking a deep dive into issues which are directly related to them. By doing this TKF opens minds and drives forward the potential for humanity to thrive within these boundaries.