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In July 2018 The Klosters Forum brought together a hand-picked cohort of 75 expert practitioners and funders from around the world and from diverse sectors as well as 30 TKF Friends. TKF provided the time and space needed for deep discussions and inspiration and acted as a catalyst for collaborative projects on innovative solutions to tackle the flow of plastics into our ocean. Over 2.5 days participants who otherwise might not have met, took part in small working groups on curated topics relating to challenges surrounding the flow of plastics into the ocean. Outside the workshops participants walked and hiked together, attended film screenings and continued their conversations at private dinners.


51% of attending organisations have so far responded to TKF’s Impact Survey. Of those who responded, 90% are in the process of collaborating with other attendee organisations, and 57% have confirmed projects with other attendees in the pipeline. We continue to measure our impact. For a list of concrete projects, please get in touch.

During the Forum TKF participants contributed to Common Seas Wedges approach model, The Plastic Drawdown, which is intended to support the development and evaluation of strategies to minimise the flow of plastics into the rivers and oceans. TKF participants identified and refined interventions which could mitigate plastic pollution as well as influencing factors which could limit or enable the success of an intervention. The outputs contributed to the Plastic Drawdown, a dynamic toolkit and practical framework aiming to support decision makers in developing strategies to reduce the flow of plastics into rivers and seas.