William Davies

William Davies General Manager of Sustainability, Swire Coca-Cola Limited

Hannah MacInnes joins William Davies, General Manager of Sustainability at Swire Coca-Cola Limited, at The Klosters Forum 2019 to discuss the issue of plastic pollution and to hear his personal insights on this complex topic.

William is based in Hong Kong and holds an MSc in Physiology from St. Andrews University. He has been with the Swire Group for 23 years and worked for a number of their operating companies across their shipping, trucking, agriculture and aircraft maintenance businesses, in a number of countries.

William is currently heading Sustainability for Swire Coca-Cola, the fifth largest bottler for The Coca-Cola Company, across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southern China and a part of the US. He helped found #Drink Without Waste – a consortium of drinks producers, retailers, NGOs, universities, think tanks, resource managers (recyclers) and a number of other high footfall well renowned companies in HK, to help address the need to keep soft drink containers from landfill and general leakage.