Roman Peter

Roman Peter Co-Founder, Trash Hero

Hannah MacInnes joins Roman Peter, Co-founder of Trash Hero, at The Klosters Forum 2019 to discuss the issue of plastic pollution and to hear his personal insights on this complex topic.

Roman was born in Switzerland, is 36 years old, and holds a BSc in Computer Science. A former Senior IT Security Engineer, he decided to travel the world in 2012, co-founding Trash Hero together with friends in 2013. Since then, he has worked full time on a voluntary basis, to support, develop and expand the organization. Trash Hero provides experiential education on the environmental impact of waste, in particular single-use plastic, and promotes practical solutions to mitigate, prevent and/or avoid the same. This is done by creating and supporting local volunteer groups that deliver programmes directly within their communities – currently numbering more than 130 in Southeast Asia and around the globe. Trash Hero proposes a holistic portfolio of programmes that take a long-term approach and directly address the impact of household plastic waste, from pre-purchase choices to correct disposal. The programmes have an indirect influence on government and corporate decision-makers by creating constituency and market support for change.

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