Professor Penelope Lindeque

Professor Penelope Lindeque Head of Microplastic Research, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Hannah MacInnes joins Prof. Penelope Lindeque, Head of Microplastic Research at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, at The Klosters Forum 2019 to discuss the issue of plastic pollution and to hear her personal insights on this complex topic.

Prof. Penelope Lindeque is a molecular biologist with more than 20 years expertise in marine ecology. For the last 10 years her focus has included investigating the bioavailability and impact of microplastics on marine biota and has most recently included looking at solutions for microplastic pollution.  Penelope has supervised 6 PhD students researching the sources, fate and impacts of plastic in the marine environment. She has presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific committee on the problem of plastics and plankton, contributed to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) briefing on public policy issues related to marine microplastic pollution. She has published more than 50 peer reviewed papers with more than 4000 citations, she has led a number of field campaigns, most recently looking at the abundance and distribution of microplastics in coastal and open ocean areas. Her research has featured in many documentaries including Blue Planet II, Countryfile, and BBC Inside Out.  Penelope, with colleagues from Exeter and Plymouth Universities, were group winners of the NERC societal impact award and overall winners award – presented in London 2018.

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