Philipp Baier

Philipp Baier Founder of Cleanwave.org and owner of LifeXperiences

Hannah MacInnes joins Philipp Baier, founder of Cleanwave.org and owner of LifeXperiences, at The Klosters Forum 2019 to discuss the issue of plastic pollution and to hear his personal insights on this complex topic.

Philipp Baier is founder of Cleanwave.org, a non-profit initiative that sets out to provide sustainable alternatives to single use plastic water bottles. Cleanwave has set up a network of water refill stations across the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and the initiative has expanded as a social movement, working closely with government, civil society and businesses across the islands. The award winning Cleanwave documentary film ‘Out of Plastic’ has been widely screened across the Balearic Islands and internationally, and the Cleanwave school program has expanded exponentially, deeply impacting childrens’ relationship to plastic, nature and the sea.

Philipp is also owner of LifeXperiences, a well-established destination management company offering high-end incentive travel to the Balearics, as well as experience based travel to East and Southern Africa.

Philipp is passionate about nature and he thrives best when challenged by her elements. Whether it be kitesurfing the winds, surfing the waves, or free riding on extreme mountain peaks, he is committed to combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for nature to create a positive impact.