Nina van Toulon

Nina van Toulon Founder and Director of Indonesian Waste Platform

Nina van Toulon – Founder and Director of Indonesian Waste Platform.

Nina co-initiated the International Waste Platform, a collaboration between country hubs and networks. She brings her own experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, and a ten-year track record of network-building and event management in Indonesia’s waste sector. Nina is a Dutch citizen and has been working and living in Asia since 1987.

Marta Muslin – National Coordinator at Indonesian Waste Platform

Marta is National Coordinator of the Indonesian Waste Platform which promotes collaborative approaches to tackle the marine waste issue in Indonesia. As a Bachelor of Law, Marta supports the government program to draft adequate regulation related to Waste Management. In addition, as member of Komodo Professional Diver association, and Community Project manager of Wicked Diving Komodo, she promotes the activity of Dive for Debris in Komodo National Park.

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