Kiran Jethwa

Kiran Jethwa Celebrity Chef, Traveler, Adventurer, Sportsman and Producer

Born and raised in Kenya to an Indian father and English mother Kiran Jethwa is widely recognized as East Africa’s first International celebrity chef. Having fronted multiple shows for a variety of broadcasters across the world, his TV programs have been viewed in over 180 countries. Kiran’s brand, which is globally recognized has often been described as “Bear Grylls meets Jamie Oliver”, with a passion for the outdoors, and sourcing ingredients coupled with his culinary flare and creativity Kiran is renowned and has been the go-to face for food, adventure and travel. His TV CV speaks for itself with his latest show with KLM having just being nominated for a “Webby”. It was a world first in Virtual Reality. Combining 3 bucket list food adventures shot in VR. Kiran has also been selected as one of the Judges to front “The Great Kenyan Bake Off” which will broadcast in October 2019.


Kirans Showcase & Sizzles
TV Highlights
• Around the World with Kiran Jethwa – KLM iFy- Global release to over 11 Million viewers. Bucket List Food, Travel and Adventure show shot in VR and released globally on KLM’s digital platform.
• The Fearless Chef- National Geographic, Food Network, Fox. High adrenaline food adventure show – 10x 1hour. Broadcast in over 180 countries.
• Extreme Food – Channel 4 UK (prime time) – High Adrenaline food adventure show. 10 x 30 min. Broadcast on Monday 8pm. This is C4’s prime slot for food programming.
• Food Unwrapped – Channel 4 UK ( prime time) – this is Channel 4’s longest running a consumer food show. Season 6 broadcasted last year. Kiran co-presented alongside Jimmy Dougherty, Matt Tebbett & Kate Quilton.
• Spirited Traveler – Fox Life – Food Network– 10×30. Exploring the variety of indigenous home-brews in India and their relevance to food and culture.
• Tales from the Bush Larder 1,2,3 (3 seasons) – National Geographic (global distribution- 150+ countries) – Food, culture and indigenous ingredients across Sub Saharan Africa. Shot in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa. Kirans series that opened up the continent to the world and revealed its culinary secrets.


Kiran is also a successful producer, and has been intricately involved on a production level in all the shows he has fronted, and his company http://www.qbfilms.com/ is the leading production house in the region for Unscripted TV. His ability and understanding behind the camera has meant that of all his shows are produced to the highest international standard.


Culinary Career
Long before the cameras found Kiran, he was cooking. He attended the University of Manchester to study hospitality management and whilst there, he began working in restaurant kitchens and fell in love with the environment and industry. He decided to move around and work for a variety of different restaurants to develop his skills and teach himself to become a chef.


After graduating, Kiran spent a year and a half travelling the world to Europe, USA, South East Asia and Australia. After visiting South Africa, Kiran sailed from Cape Town to Brazil which took him one month before going on to explore South and Central America. Whilst travelling, his knowledge and experience of food excelled and sparked an adventurous spirit within him to discover the roots of where quality ingredients originate from. In 2008 Kiran moved back to Kenya to tend to his family business. In October 2010, Kiran opened his first restaurant, Seven Seafood & Grill in Nairobi which was soon followed by Seven Grill & Lounge establishments. His company ‘Seven. Restaurants Ltd’ within an eight-year span became the most popular, and decorated restaurant destinations in Kenya’s capital. Kiran currently lives in Kenya with his wife Sarah and their four-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. Having grown up and lived in Africa, Kiran has a personal passion for wildlife conservation and nature and works to support this wherever he can. A man of many talents, Kiran is also a gifted sportsman having previously played International Rugby for the Kenyan National Rugby team and professionally in South Africa.