Céline Cousteau

Céline Cousteau Environmental activist, documentary filmmaker, and author.

Céline Cousteau is an environmental activist, documentary filmmaker, and author. As a director, producer and presenter of documentary films, Céline is the founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions, a production company specializing in humanitarian and environmental causes through which she produced her first feature film, Tribes on the Edge.

Spokesperson for the TreadRight Foundation, Céline is also a speaker at world forums, during corporate meetings and in universities. Continuing her family legacy, Céline co-founded The Outdoor Film Fellowship, a US-based non-profit program whose mission is to educate young filmmakers and environmental activists in the production of cause-focused documentaries.

In her first book, Le monde après mon grand-père (Fayard, 2020), Céline shares her fight for the planet, taking us on an expeditions into the heart of nature, with species, and to meet the people of the Amazon and beyond.

With a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in intercultural relations, Céline Cousteau lives between the United States and France.