Benedikt Bösel

Benedikt Bösel Founder and CEO of Gut & Bösel

Benedikt Bösel is founder and CEO of Gut & Bösel 1 hour east of Berlin. Benedikt has implemented different forms of regenerative agriculture such as agroforestry, holistic grazing, syntropic agriculture and market gardening. Benedikt and his team want to show that these regenerative, multi-functional land-use models can be economically, ecologically and socially beneficial when compared to current exploitative forms of land-use. To speed up the transition towards regenerative agriculture they team up with partners to develop agricultural machines and technology to facilitate a better understanding of complex ecosystems, trying to enable farmers to become less dependent on external inputs. The estate welcomes a large number of visitors each year to show that agricultue and land-use are the most efficient ways to address the worlds most daunting challenges. Benedikt is engaged in various initiatives around the future of land use, food and rural development. For instance, he sits on the board of Soil Alliance – an association of Regenerative Agriculture as well as is part of the Advisory Board of the German Government for Digitalization of Agriculture.