Our Impact

The Klosters Forum creates an eco-system of experts and leaders. TKF brings together groups who might not usually meet to come together to develop, amplify, exchange thoughts and ideas, catalyse and build projects, fund initiatives and, together, find and develop ways to accelerate positive environmental change.


At TKF we aim:

To accelerate positive environmental change

To provide a unique environment that encourages systemic thinking and acting

To foster a solution orientated and collaborative ecosystem of game changers

To make expert knowledge available to a wider community

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Confronting Nurdle Pollution From Petrochemical Production Plants:

The exchange of knowledge gathered by Fidra, the Environmental Investigation Agency, Flora and Fauna International and others about plastic pellet pollution hotspots in Europe was instrumental for ClientEarth to identify the port of Antwerp as an area where plastic production, pellet pollution and important nature reserves overlap. This catalysed campaigning and a legal intervention by ClientEarth and other grassroots organisations in the permitting procedure for the construction of a new INEOS petrochemical production plant in the port of Antwerp.

Exploring the Human Health Impacts of Plastics:

TKF participants have aimed to increase discourse on the health repercussions of chemicals and additives in plastics that migrate into food and drinks through food contact materials.

Those who attended The Klosters Forum have collaborated with and supported other participants’ work to research plastic’s health impacts including those from the Food Packaging Forum, Environmental Health Sciences, Center for International Environmental Law and The Gallifrey Foundation.

Accelerated Recycling Initiative:

After attending The Klosters Forum, Swire Coca-Cola took efforts to put an end to the use of styrofoam cups and straws by late 2019. Moreover, by 2020, their distribution trucks in Hong Kong will transition to a biodiesel blend made from used cooking oil. Swire is working to improve collection and recycling of their materials to lessen the impact on plastic pollution.

USD 2 Million Funding:

The Klosters Forum brought together the social enterprise Plastics For Change with the investor Athelia who provided support to the project with USD 2 million.