Our Impact

The Klosters Forum creates an eco-system of experts and leaders. TKF brings together groups who might not usually meet to come together to develop, amplify, exchange thoughts and ideas, catalyse and build projects, fund initiatives and, together, find and develop ways to accelerate positive environmental change.


At TKF we aim:


To accelerate positive environmental change


To provide a unique environment that encourages systemic thinking and acting


To foster a solution orientated and collaborative ecosystem of game changers


To make expert knowledge available to a wider community

TKF19 Annual Report
Please find here our TKF19 Annual Report
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Please find here our TKF19 Forum Report
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Please find here our TKF18 Annual Report
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Please find here our TKF17 Annual Report
TFK News

In light of recent global developments linked to COVID-19, we are postponing The Klosters Forum 2020 – The Future of Agrifood Systems in the Context of Biodiversity Regeneration.

Our new dates for TKF20 are: 1-3 September 2020

With so many conferences being moved to 2021, we are working hard to make sure that the food & biodiversity conversations and collaborations continue. This pandemic has shone further light on the pressing need for a food system transformation.

We are aware that the future is still unknown, but for the time being we’ll put all our efforts into making TKF20 happen in September.